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The Facilities

The facility has a total area of 26,000 square feet of the most comprehensive group of training stations and specialty equipment available anywhere in the gymnastics community.

The main gym area is 19,000 square feet and is host to many training stations which students develop skills in the ten Olympic gymnastics events.

Also many specialty stations are used to help in the training of students while increasing confidence and safety in learning new and/or advanced skills. Details of these stations is listed below

Spaces & Equipment Available

Trampolines (1-6’ x12’ poly bed- 1 7’ x 14’ String Bed- both in-ground).

• Loose Foam Safety Pits-(#1-”T” shaped pit with Vault., Spring Floor Tumbling, Adjustable Single Rail with spotting platform, & Ring Frame Stations.

Free Foam Pit #2- is a “L” shaped pit with Tumble Tramp (trak), Adjustable Single Rail/with spotting platform.

• Layered Foam or “Resi” type Safety Pits- 

#1- 2 “T” shaped making 1 large pit with Vault., Spring Floor, Single   Rail. & Uneven   Bar Stations.

#2 Rectangle- with Rod Floor & Beam   Dismount Stations

• Overhead Spotting Rigs- For Both Trampolines & Rings.

• Spring Floor Areas- 2 Adjacent 42’ x  42’ Palmer Spring Floors (recessed in floor)

making a  Large 42’ 0x 84’ Floor area.

• Preschool Area- Laminated Cross Link Foam with Carpet Areas. (34’ x 60’) With the myriad of various interchangeable stations, including shaped mats, inclines, specialty  bars and equipment.

• Trench Bar (in ground)- Adjustable Height, Interchangeable   Strap, Girls & Boys Rails.

• 40’ (in ground) Tumble Tramp (trak)- Free  Foam Pit at One End, 8”  Soft Mat on The Other.

• 52’ (in-ground) Rod Floor-Resi Style Pit at One End.

• Beam Stations- 19 Various Beam Stations (5-Low & Floor Beams, 14- Regulation Beams.)

• Bar Stations-5-Sets of Regulation Uneven Bars, 12- Single Rail Stations (all interchangeable & adjustable),        2 Mens Regulation High Bars, 2- Sets of Mens P. Bars, 5 Sets of Parallets, 1- Bounce Handstand Trainer, Tumble Trak Bar Trainer (above-ground)

  1. •Rings- 5-Ring Stations- 2-Ring Frames, 1-Set Low Rings, 1- Dream Machine (rings with pulleys & belt)

  2. •1-Handstand Trainer.

• Pommel Horse- 5- stations 2 Regulations P. Horses, 1 Elite Pommel Horse & 4-Mushrooms

• Vault. -5 Vault. Stations- 2 AAI Vault Tables, 2- Level 4 Vault & Drill Stations, & 1 vault table trainer.

•A Complete Conditioning AArea approx.  1,000 sq. ft. with Wall Mats for Handstands, 4 Stall Bar Stations, Climbing Rope, Various Training  Aids, The Entire Area Has a Carpeted Foam Floor.

The remaining 7,000 sq. ft. area (upstairs & ground floor):

• Waiting and viewing areas • Locker rooms & rest rooms • Concession stand • offices • pro-shop, training room • conference room • coaches work stations • dance room is 1,400 square feet, which allows an isolated area for various activities and training • etc.


Facility Photos

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