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Artistic gymnastics

Girls Gymnastics

WVGTC offers gymnastics programs from the most basic novice level to the most advanced levels of competitive team. Each student will be evaluated once in class to determine the most compatible class and/or group best suited for their progress and the students in an existing class.


The "Gymnastics Readiness Instructional Program" is structured to prepare school-aged children to learn developmental gymnastics skills and drills levels beginner through advanced. This program is recreational oriented with a much more relaxed atmosphere.  The students in G.R.I.P. will take part in our annual "CLASS DAY OF CHAMPIONS" in May.

G.R.I.P. A: Novice (No prior gymnastics experience)

G.R.I.P. B: Beginner

G.R.I.P. C: Intermediate

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Individuals interested in participating in our competitive team program should express their interest to the office or instructors. Students are scheduled periodically for testing sessions and may be invited to become part of our developmental team. The developmental team trains approximately 5 hours per week.

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