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Gymnastics Introduction

It is our belief that your child is taking part in the greastest physical activity in the world. Once a child gains a foundation of movement in gymnastics, they are well prepared to take on virtually any sport they choose. Whether your child is here for general fitness, to cross train, or with goals or becoming a competitive gymnast, it is our commitment to create an experience that is fun and inspiring.

Image by leah hetteberg

Things to know when starting gymnastics...

1. Be prepared to go upside down!

2. If you have long hair, tie it back so that it does not inhibit your vision

3. Wear shorts and t-shirt or a leotard. If your clothes are too baggy they may inhibit your movement when you are upside down

4. Do not wear jewelry. Sharp or loose objects could get caught or hurt you.

5. Many of the surfaces can be slippery, so barefoot is best.

6. For safety,  do not chew gum while doing gymnastics

7. Always listen to your instructor. Do not get on any equipment without their permission

10 Benefits of Children Doing Gymnastics

1. It's fun!

2. Develops strength

3. Develops flexibility

4. Develops coordination

5. Teaches listening skills

6. Gain self-esteem and confidence

7. Provides social interactions with peers

8. Teaches goal setting

9. Develops cognitive abilities to help in the classroom

10. Develops skills to enhance other sports.

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