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Happy Foam Pit

Preschool Gymnastics


These programs are designed for children 1.5 years - 5 years of age.

Basic motor skills and gymnastics are combined with some game activities. These skills are taught on Balance Beam, Vaulting, Bars, Trampoline, and Tumbling stations & many specialty stations in a FUN environment. Special focus will be put onto the areas of balance, coordination, spatial awareness, following directions, taking turns, and independent decision making. 


WVGTC has a large viewing area for parents to conveniently observe there gymnast in action. A concession stand is available for refreshments and snacks.

Each student will be evaluated once in class to determine the most compatible class and/or group best

suited for their progress and the students in an existing class. Class directors and/or instructors have

been asked to follow these procedures to help keep the classes efficient and progressive.

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The Parents & Tots program is designed for children 1.5-2 years of age. This program is a learning experience for the children & parents. The basic format is for the instructor to teach the children through and with the parents. 

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Designed for children 3 – 5 years of age. The WVGTC staff teach the classes directly with classes of students with a 6 or 7 to 1 ratio. WVGTC uses a station or circuit system in most situations, to help eliminate as much waiting time between each students turn as possible. However, there are some skills and stations that are best taught in a group and also may need the instructor to assist each student individually for safety and proper learning technique. 

The preschool students will participate in our annual “PRESCHOOL EXHIBITION NIGHT” in May.

Preschool A: 3-4 YEARS

Preschool B: 4-5 YEARS

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This program is entered by invitation only. WVGTC students 3.5-5 years of age are selected & invited to work toward more advanced tumbling & gymnastics skills. The Super Tots Program is also designed to occasionally take part in exhibition type performances along with our competitive teams. The students in the Super Tots Program will also take part in our annual and “WVGTC DAY OF CHAMPIONS” in May. All Super Tot members attend two 1 hour classes per week.

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